A Virtual Philadelphia Equal Justice Center

Continuing a revolutionary vision for equal access to justice


Pivoting in Challenging Times

Circumstances in 2020 prevented us from moving forward with our planned physical location at 8th and Race Streets, but the vision of the Equal Justice Center project lives on in programmatic initiatives. We have launched a number of exploratory projects that support enhanced virtual collaboration and a deliberate commitment to centering racial justice at the core of our work.

Shifting our plans from a physical to a virtual place for collaboration has many advantages for legal aid service delivery.

Distributed Services

Civil and social justice will be delivered where it is most needed.

Equity and Justice

A focus on overcoming systemic racism in an inequitable legal system.

Broader Partners

Partnership across sectors without the limitations of physical space or geography.

Our New Initiatives

Data and Technology

We will assess the data processes and related technologies of legal aid and social service providers and identify ways to develop a virtual centralized intake and referral network.

Community Justice Navigators

We will explore the development and deployment of community-based justice navigators (volunteers or para-professionals trained by legal aid and social service practitioners) to assist community members and refer them to services.

Legal Incubator

We will partner with area law schools and funders to launch a legal incubator that would train a new cohort of lawyers to improve access to justice for low and lower-middle income Philadelphians, particularly immigrant or minority-owned businesses.

Mobile Units

We will determine how to launch mobile units to bring social and legal services (and Internet connectivity) into neighborhoods.

How Can You Help?

The EJC initiatives depend on fundraising and we need your support.