Welcome to the Philadelphia Equal Justice Center

We’re here to help untangle the web

The Equal Justice Center (EJC) is developing a virtual hub to promote a more equitable and accessible civil legal system in Philadelphia.

Community Engagement

Using needs assessments and community insights to develop resources and approaches that meet the civil legal needs of communities across Philadelphia.

Equity and Justice

Making civil legal services more accessible to ensure that legal assistance is not a privilege but a fundamental right for all.

Broader Partnership

Building and strengthening collaboration across Philadelphia to holistically meet the civil legal needs of all Philadelphians.

Our Initiatives

Community Outreach And Engagement

We are holding a variety of community engagement opportunities both in-person and virtually to better understand the barriers to civil legal services across Philadelphia. 

Data and Technology

We are leveraging technology to create approaches that address barriers and challenges within the civil legal system to help ensure that all Philadelphians have equal access to justice. 

Community Navigators

We will explore the development of community-based civil justice navigators who can assist Philadelphians in navigating the civil legal system by providing resources and referrals. 

How Can You Help?

The EJC initiatives depend on fundraising and we need your support.